Anova research

I really enjoyed your threads and am amazed with the way you explain things that is understandable even to a beginner like me. Came across your website by accident while looking for chi-square vs logistic regression explanations. Thank you! A quick question: The place where I work is currently using a tool to categorize feeding difficulties in children and it has never been validated. BUT it has been widely used world wide (~8 countries) with studies proving its efficacy. Is it feasible to make a research using this tool without going through a validation study? Thanks very much !

Hello Charles,
Thank you very much for your reply!
1) For experiment 1, both data sets that failed the normality test (p= and p=) are not symmetric, according to the box plot. Therefore, a nonparametric test should be used for the analysis, right?
2) For experiment 2, there are two experimental groups. I only have three values for each group. The data for group A are: , , (normality test P<). The data for group B are: , , (normality test P=). The results from t-test (p=) and Mann-Whitney Rank sum test (p=) are very different.
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Anova research

anova research


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