Anova review

Overall, this is an excellent immersion circulator for the at home sous vide cook.  It would make a fantastic gift for anyone looking to get a bit more creative in the kitchen without breaking the bank.  I found the Anova Sous Vide to work very well, have a solid convenient construction, and to be very user friendly.  The only down sides I noted were the lack of tenth degree precision in the temperature setting and what seemed to be a slightly less powerful motor.  Both of these, however, are nothing when you compare the prices of the two.  Ready to see for yourself?

I seasoned each chicken breast with some salt, pepper, oregano and paprika, and sealed two into a vacuum bag. (I have a vacuum sealer, but an Anova rep said a resealable plastic bag with most of the air driven out would work just as well). I then immersed the bag in water set to 142 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. After, I removed the chicken from the bag. At this point, the chicken, though cooked, looked kind of flaccid and unappetizing. So, I heated a few tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, and quickly seared both sides of each breast. I sliced them open, and was amazed at how tender and juicy they were.

Anova review

anova review


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