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AppOnFly has a different approach -- the company maintains Windows computers with a wide selection of Windows software, including utilities for accessing PDF, ZIP, graphics and other files, web browsers, various office suites (MS Office, Libre Office, Apache OpenOffice, WordPerfect Office), and statistical packages (SPSS,  NCSS, R), to mention a few. They then provide apps for accessing this Windows desktop environment from any device -- computer, smartphone, tablet (Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android). This is a pay-for service, but they offer one-month free trials.

With SigmaStat version 4 users have multiple new statistical procedures like Principal Components Analysis (PCA), One-Way Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA) with multiple covariates, Deming Regression and Cox Regression. Users can experience a new user interface which includes the ribbon interface, right-click mouse menus and drag and drop of items in the Notebook Manager. SigmaStat users can now access 36 new probability distribution functions added to the transform language and generalized weighting added to nonlinear regression which allows use of user determined error distributions and to enable robust fitting techniques. It also has profile plots for multi-factor ANOVA and normality test graphs. A new graph properties dialog box makes editing graphs much easier with instant redraw when properties are changed.

Anova rstudio

anova rstudio


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