Mental side effects of anavar

Hi Tony
Fantastic honest post which I have followed with great interest thank you. Click my picture and read my profile. I’m 50 now. I picked the surgery route at 48 and had complete ED as expected. I had nerve sparing and with great will and drive and a lovely partner have managed near full return of function , but only with daily Cialis or injections. Sadly my cancer had already spread and is now incurable , although we’ve not quite found where it is yet. I’ve requested I stay off treatment as long as possible but will soon have to have HT and Chemo which distresses me to the core — the thought of ED all over again but loss of libido on top !!
I , like you , nearly refused treatment outright. If they had got the cancer I’d be in a good position now with a good life. Mentally the toll has been awful on us both with more unhappiness than happiness I reckon. I’m beginning to wish I’d just let the cancer take its course to be honest. But no use looking back ...... your post is helping me look forward a bit

GABA neurotransmitter influence
Evidence for an in vivo and in vitro modulation of endogenous cortical GABA release by alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine.
Neurochem Research. 1996.
The effects of alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine on endogenous cortical GABA release were studied both in vivo and in vitro. In freely moving rats alpha-GPC increased GABA release. This effect was potentiated by atropine, both systematically administered and locally applied, but not by mecamylamine. The alpha-GPC-induced increase in GABA release was abolished in rats pretreated with the alpha 1 receptor antagonist prazosin. Our results indicate that the facilitatory response by alpha-GPC on GABA release does not depend on a direct activation of either muscarinic or nicotinic receptors, but suggest the involvement of the noradrenergic system.

I think it was a, it had some sort of buffering effect. I stumbled through those few months in a complete daze. And I was safer in a daze, I was less driven to do harm to myself, less driven to do impulsive things. But it, it meant probably that the challenge of self-belief and self-esteem was more difficult, because you couldn’t even, you couldn’t even make a cake, let alone do anything else, because everything was just in a bit of a sort of foggy mist really. So I don’t think I felt like a real person. And I would have said that although I felt less anguished, I didn’t shift very much from believing myself to be fairly, fairly convincingly a waste of space because I did nothing useful and I couldn’t function very well at all. But, but I, I think it would be difficult to know really quite how much of a part ECT played in that. I wouldn’t want to look as if I was blaming it for something that may have been a corollary of lots of losses at the time. So, but I think the thing it, it definitely did was made me less clear thinking and less coordinated. So I was less likely to throw myself off a motorway bridge or that sort of thing, because I just wouldn’t have been well enough organised to do those things, I don’t think. 

Mental side effects of anavar

mental side effects of anavar


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