Nap 50s review

Hi. I loved this as I love this (and the 40's) eras. I am a mum of two and this looks like my day (when i dont slack off). My fiance works mainly from home, and does help but i do most of the work. If he were away at work, this is just normal life for a mum who stays at home, plus you have young kids. My 9 year old son goes to school and my 2 year old is home. It is funny that people say this is crazy because really, unless uou are super slack, sont have kids, or have a cleaner come in, rhis is just adulting. And believe me, i am all about men helping with parenting and house work too.

2. Fosfomycin (PO)
Bactericidal agent that is excreted into the urine and inhibits cell wall synthesis by interfering with peptidoglycan synthesis.
Spectrum: Broad spectrum vs Gram positive including MRSA, VRE; Gram negative including Pseudomonas and some ESBL’s . 
Used for: Uncomplicated urinary tract infections in women, especially in those with history of resistant bugs.  Given as a one-time mega-dose of 3 g (excreted into urine and achieves high levels there for several days.   Sometimes used for complicated UTI’s in males with resistant pathogens (3 g PO q3 days x several doses), although this is an off-label use.

Nap 50s review

nap 50s review


nap 50s reviewnap 50s reviewnap 50s reviewnap 50s reviewnap 50s review