Oxandrolone 10mg vip

Oxandrolone  has a lot of beneficial effects but it can decrease sex hormone binding globulin and retain much more nitrogen. Nitrogen retention can make more anabolic spaces, which reduction comes to catabolism. Sex hormone binding globulin decreases, that means levels of free testosterone gets higher and let any anabolic steroidal hormones escape from being tighted. But lower sex hormone binding globulin can break the steroids you’re taking. Then we can lessen glucocorticoids, muscle wasting hormones, which gain fat and lose muscle. This actually ruins what you’re doing.

Oxandrolone is an excellent compound for females and pre competition body builders requiring advanced skin conditioning. As a muscle building drug for men, its relatively useless – a far better option in that regard is either Tbol or Superdrol, which are considered to be ‘Anavar for men’. However, its worth noting the two particularly superb effects of Oxandrolone, first is the positive effects it has on the rejuvenation of the skin, wound healing, stretch mark reduction and burns treatment and the second its role in post cycle AAS therapy since it offers no aromatisation and is weak enough not interfere with the bodies testosterone recovery.

Oxandrolone 10mg vip

oxandrolone 10mg vip