Quick anavar cycle

Again by it self var is not very effective. If he was hitting some test or primo than 30mg would yield some better results but it is more due to the other compounds. IMO if he is dead set then 6omg is best 1 reason is yes the half life is 8 hrs. but you want to keep plasma levels even. Twice a day will spike, 3 times a day will keep them 60mg's he will get a lot of strength and super tight but to keep it he needs to run var for at least 10 -12 weeks. It is the lowest danger when it comes to the liver, so long runs at high dosages will not effect him like lets say 30mg of winny for 6 weeks. Anavar is probably the safest oral there is

It may also not be a good idea to suddenly increase your dose from a low one to a higher one straight away. You should always begin an Anavar cycle with a low dose and evaluate how your body reacts to it before deciding to just up the doses without really having a good idea of how your body responded to the lower dose. If you do slowly increase your dosage over time, you must assess whether or not there are any negative changes to your body. If there are, it would be good idea to either lower the dose back down or to be even more safe, just stop the Anavar cycle altogether.

Quick anavar cycle

quick anavar cycle


quick anavar cyclequick anavar cyclequick anavar cyclequick anavar cyclequick anavar cycle