Xenion pharma anavar

We have vaguely touched on the fact that pharmaceutical grade Anavar for sale is more expensive than UGL graded Var. Raw material prices of Oxandrolone are high no matter what country it originates from, but cheaper raw powder may be offered for a lesser quality, much like any purchase you make in general. Pharmaceutical grade Anavar developed only for human use is more expensive. This is because of the lengthy and extremely strict manufacturing processes billion dollar pharmaceutical companies have to undergo to obtain licenses for human consumption by the FDA and to maintain this licence. Higher quality raw powders are used and production machinery runs into the hundreds of thousands of dollars eliminating the likelihood of a poor product being produced or vastly reducing this risk. Compare this to UGL’s who can obtain raw Oxandrolone powder from a Chinese supplier using nothing more than an email address, Western Union and a $20 capsule machine and some fillers, you can understand why human grade Anavar is more expensive and often a better quality purchase. Pharmaceutical grade Anavar can range from $120 – $150 for 60 tablets at 10mg to $70 – $100 for 60 tablets of 10-20mg for UGL.

Oxandrolone is usually used as part of a cutting cycle, when combined with Steroids such as Trenbolone the results can be very good. At a dosage of 50 to 100mg daily the results from Anavar can be very pronounced, however due to Anavar being very expensive not many people could afford to run it at this dosage, but times have changed and with all the underground labs popping up and producing Steroids it is now quite easy to find cheap and effective versions of Anavar. Because Anavar is an oral Steroid it can be harsh on the liver so its not recommended to use for longer than 6 weeks.

Xenion pharma anavar

xenion pharma anavar